Forced Media is now NSONICS.
NSONICS is specialised in composition, sound design and high end audio production beyond simple 'In The Box' mixes. The combination of a broad palette of hardware and software tools together with many years of experience in the media industries results in high quality productions for demanding clients. Composition, sound design, groove design, synth programming and final production is done in an integrated manner to deliver highly adapted and individual solutions in stereo, surround or binaural. All metering standards are available and of course current loudness standards are already implemented in the workflow. Voice over, vocals and instruments are recorded with high end microphones - no compromises anywhere - even with surround microphone setups.
Nirto Karsten Fischer - composer, sound designer and producer (Tonmeister VDT) for film, media and brand promotion - is continuously innovating his composition and production methods. His work has been highly regarded both nationally and internationally. Through his longstanding experience and high-end equipment he is able to achieve a pristine sound quality that makes emotions and messages stand out. Nirto Karsten Fischer relishes collaboration with other musicians - from classic to dance floor music - to broaden his musical experience and to enhance the product quality for his clients.
all photos ©️ Nirto Karsten Fischer